Aston SwiftShield

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SwiftShield combines the Aston Swift shock mount and the Aston Shield pop filter into one bundle to give you the perfect setup for your studio vocal mic. The Aston Swift shock mount takes microphone mounting to the next level of ease. With 2 quick release spring clips designed to fit a wide range of mics, from 40-60mm diameter, mounting your microphone takes seconds.

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  • Universal mic mount - fits mics 40 to 60 mm diameter
  • Ultimate mechanical isolation with Aston’s ‘ShockStar’ technology
  • Super-hard-wearing Aluminium and glass-fill nylon construction
  • Ultra-swift proprietary mounting system
  • Solid stainless steel pop shield with ‘Hextech’ filter holes
Shield surface area
158 x 135 mm / 6.22 x 5.31 in
Weight Shield
47.4 g
Weight Swift
137.2 g
Weight total
184.6 g
Fits mic diameter
40 to 60 mm
Compatible Microphones

Aston Microphones: Origin, Spirit

AKG: P220, P420, P120, C414, C414 XLS, C 12 VR

Audio-Technica: AT 2020, AT4047/SV, AT4040

Behringer: C-1, C-3, B-1 Single

Blue Microphones: Bluebird SL, Baby Bottle SL, Blueberry, Woodpecker

Bock: IFET 7

Marantz: MPM-2000, MPM-1000

MXL: 990, 770X, V67G HE, 770, V67G

Neumann: TLM102, U87 AI, U67, TLM107, CMV-563 gefell

Sennheiser: MK4

Shure: KSM32

Telefunken: ELA M 251

Warm Audio: WA-47jr, WA14, WA87

Wunder: CM12