Silver Bullet - A Console in a box?

Louder Than Liftoff - Silver Bullet 

The sound of a console... in a box?



Not just one console! TWO! Labelled A and N... 

(we think you can guess which British and American consoles they are) 


The Silver Bullet was designed to enhance and shape tracks to have that analogue 'mojo' during every phase of audio production – from composition to the final mixdown. A collaborative design between Louder Than Liftoff and drBill brings together drBill's vintage Tone-Amp with Louder Than Liftoff's modern design.

The Silver Bullet is capable of handling all mixing, tracking, and microphone preamp duties. Integrated signal routing functionality not only enhances creativity and workflow, but also makes The Silver Bullet a single unit solution for the modern hybrid studio. 

On the back of the unit, you’ll find three sets of balanced stereo inputs and two electronically balanced stereo outputs. The Mic input’s default routing is to the Track outputs via the Mojo Tone Amps and EQ, but an internal jumper can be set to divert to the Mix output when, for example, the Silver Bullet is being used to process the output of a passive analogue summing mixer or other hardware that requires more gain to be added to its output.

On the front of the unit, you will find the selector switch that gives access to the 4 operational modes: MIX, TRK/BYP (Track/Bypass), MIC and MIC+.

The Mojo on/off switch and mode selector A, N, A>N and N>A . The Silver Bullet has two tone amp gain blocks on the stereo microphone preamp. Each Tone Amp has a 41 position Gain and Output control and an LED that acts as a signal level indicator. You also have the option of running the Tone Amps together running A to N, or N to A, by cascading the Tone Amps you can add up to 24dB of gain.

Following on there is a two band EQ and a switch labelled 'Tight' which acts independently from the two band and brings in a 12dB our octane high-pass filter at 20Hz.

The versatility is amazing! Here are some of the units features;

  • Tone-Amp™ Analog Mix and Tracking processing modes with dedicated I/O
  • “A” and “N” cascading MOJO Amp topologies inspired by classic American and British consoles from the 70’s (A, N, A>N, N>A)
  • Mic Modes allow Silver Bullet to function as a fully featured stereo microphone preamplifier with Polarity Reverse and 48V phantom power
  • Stereo processing with easily recallable detented pots
  • Tone Shaping EQ suite: Tight filter, 2-band Baxandall EQ, Vintage mode
  • “No expense spared” signal path chosen by ears
  • Transformers by Cinemag and Ed Anderson
  • ROGUE FIVE discrete op amps (2520 type)
  • High Resolution Metering


The Silver Bullet Sound

API and Neve style Tone Amps!


Neve and API are two of the top names in the studio console world. They both have a unique sound and are capable of subtle drive but in very different ways! The Silver Bullet allows for emulation of that classic Neve or API sound or even both! Drive an API style ToneAmp into the Neve style ToneAmp or the other way round! it is ridiculously versatile!

Neve giving you the clean but subtle grit of a British console, and the API giving the clean warmth of an American console. The tonal capabilities are absolutely endless. 

With pristine mic preamps onboard that are airy and transparent will blow you away.



An absolutely fantastic unit to add colouration to your mixes or stems when mixing ITB, its versitility allows for tonal shaping that is almost unheard of. From the subtle addition of harmonic frequencies to driven distortion, you can do it all. The Silver Bullet has been deliberately designed from the ground up to integrate seamlessly into a hybrid workflow, with its analogue circuitry bringing a vintage vibe to tracks, subgroups and the final mix whilst otherwise you work entirely in the box. 

The microphone preamps are amazing, the unit is worth the money just for the Mic preamps alone. 

It's difficult to place another unit in this particular category. The silver Bullet is a bit of an all rounder so feature wise I can't think of another unit that offers what this does. However, Solid State Logic have recently released the SSL Fusion which is going down very well with its users. 

The Silver Bullet is 100% worth a look. 

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