Mackie Big Knob Passive

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Meet the Big Knob: the go-to Monitor controller for studios all over the world. The series has proven itself for years, with pro source and monitor selection, premium Onyx recording and playback, and flexible integration. With different editions for with their own unique features, it’s your choice which model is best for you.

The Big Knob Passive is a simplistic easy to use 2x2 monitor controller, with the choice of 2 sources and 2 monitor pairs. With classic Big Knob volume control, mono, mute and dim functions, you will receive pristine audio quality with ease and versatility. Finally, it wouldn’t be Mackie design without the signature Built-Like-A-Tank™ structure, ensuring that this will stand the test of any of the studio applications possible.


Than meets the eye

Sure, we all know the Mackie Big Knob is the go-to monitor controller for studios the world over. But, now that we've added in the high-resolution goodness of an Onyx recording and playback solution, Big Knob truly becomes the nerve centre for your studio. Or, if you are looking for excruciatingly simple volume control/monitor switching, the Big Knob Passive delivers at an amazing price. No matter what size studio, Big Knob is always at the top of the recording studio equipment shopping list.

Volume Control
BIG Volume Knob
Mono, Mute, Dim
I/O Switching
2 x 2
79mm x 137mm x 142mm