Mackie MRS10

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MR Series utilise renowned technology and sonic tuning to produce an unmatched clarity. The accuracy of these monitors ensure that any mix translates perfectly to every other listening environment possible. These monitors have the potential for the upmost optimisation of acoustic space control from its rear frequency controls and are also compatible with the MRS10 Subwoofer for extended bass response.

The S10 Subwoofer has 120 watts of Class-D amplification, with an adjustable 40Hz to 180Hz crossover point, for extra thumping low end. This powerful addition to the MR series is specifically designed to extend your low end to give both accurate and responsive low frequency reproduction. It is the complete part to your MR series, delivering quality low end with dynamic controls to ensure the perfect level of crossover.

Frequency Response (-3 dB)
35 Hz - 180 kHz
Frequency Response (-10 dB)
28 Hz - 180 kHz
Maximum SPL Peak
119 dB
Low Frequency
254mm woofer
Crossover Type
12 dB/octave
Crossover Frequency
40 Hz - 180 Hz (adjustable)
Input Impedance
20k Ohms Balanaced Bridging, 10k Ohms unbalanced
382mm x 321mm x 386mm
15 kg