Vertigo Sound VSM-2 Basic

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£4,000.00 exc. VAT

Mix and Mastering Tool

The VSM-2 is a creative fully analog Mix and Mastering tool. The VSM offers MS, Blending and two sophisticated coloration generators in 2U size. This is the VSM-2 Basic without harmonic Generators.

This represents a „All In One“-solution for Mastering studios with no more need to invest in mastering consoles, switching devices, monitor controllers, MS En & de-coders etc.

Like all Vertigo Sound products, the VSM-2 is manufactured to the highest industry standards to guarantee the utmost performance and maximum


  • All analog, latency free processing
  • Two fully balanced inserts on XLR offering MS En & DE-coding
  • Level compensated MS En & DE-coding
  • Insert 1 provides Dry-Wet Mix control „Parallel Compression“ for LR and MS
  • Insert 2 provides „M&S Stereo Width“ control
  • Level compensated AFL Solo for M and S-Signal
  • All controls can be easily recalled via stepped controls, pointer knobs & fine scales
  • Hardwire bypass for all and each processing stage
  • Excellent headroom with up to +30dbu at the Ins & Outs
  • Level matching of the inputs and outputs
  • Fast input and output metering plus various clip leds
  • Colour coded switch controls for easy intuitive operation
  • Superior crafted & anodized frontplate in „sun orange“ & blue metallic silk screen print


Dynamic Range: 

128 db

Frequency response:

 10 Hz ... 100 kHz (+- 1 db) Max.128 db

Output Level: 

+ 30 dBu THD at +28dbu <= 0,003%

Signal to Noise Ratio :

+ 6 dBu = 104 db (20..20 kHz, unweighted, RMS)


– 98 dBu (20 Hz – 22 khz – unweighted, RMS) @ 0 db Unity Gai

Power consumption: 

max 30 Watts

Vertigo Sound VSM-2 Manual