Vertigo Sound VSP-2

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Mic Preamp

The VSP-2 is VERTIGO SOUNDs 3rd BIG IMPACT DESIGN and is setting a new benchmark in microphone amplification.

The heart of this unit is Vertigo Sound 100% discrete Twin Op Amp circuit called the OPA (operational amplifier) 1976.

These in-house stages are combined with Cinemags world famous CMMI-2C transformers to provide a smooth warm and defined sound from the lowest bass to the very top end of the sonic spectrum.The CMMI-2C transformer can handle very high input levels and provides a very linear phase behaviour because of low capacitance problems due to it`s low ratio of 1:2. Further the close ratio of the transformer forces the discrete OP Amp to provide most of the amplification in the VSP-2. This „full throttle“,“pedal to the floor“ circuitry enables a unique, rich, full and characterful sound.

VSP-2 Features
  • Gain control: 10-position Grayhill Rotaryswitch with 6db step increments. The full range of the unit is 12-72db
  • Fine Gain control: 41 click Alps 0-6db fine gain trim
  • 120Hz/off/80hz: Switch that engages lowcut input filter 12db/oct at 80hz or 120 HZ.
  • Signal & Clip LED: This LED either indicates Green for a reasonable signal level presence at the output or red for close to Overload. There is no inbetween orange state to indicate clipping clearly.
  • LED green: - 6dBu to 19dBu at the output of the VSP-2 >>>> reasonable output level
  • LED red: +19dBu at the output of the VSP-2 >>>> close to clip level
  • Note: The maximum output of the VSP-2 is +24dbU, the red clipping led indicates the maximum capable input level of most common converters and analog gear.
Dynamic Range:
 116 db @ 36dB Gain
Frequency response:
10 Hz … 35 kHz (+– 1db) @ 36dB Gain
Max. Output Level:
+ 24 dBu / 600 Ohm balanced floating
-81dBu (20 Hz – 22 kHz – unweighted, RMS) @ 36 db Gain

Dual Mono Mic pre with 1,5K input impedance

Jensen Balanced In. That 1646 Balanced Out

Vertigo Sound VSP-2 Manual