Innovative microphone manufacturer Beyerdynamic has remained a family-owned business since it was founded back in 1924, producing its first wireless microphone in 1962. Microphones may well remain its bread and butter to this day — with an extensive and varied range including the popular M 160 dynamic double-ribbon hyper-cardioid (recommended for mic’ing string instruments, pianos, saxophones, hi-hats, and toms) and MC 930 small-diaphragm true condenser cardioid (suited to both live applications and installations) — but the long-running German company also produces a reputable range of headphones, including the closed DT 100 (often referred to as the Yamaha NS10s of the headphone world as a pro audio staple in studios around the world) and DT 880 PRO (a reference-class, semi-open design, perfect for monitoring applications).

More recent innovations include the Headzone® PRO, the first mobile headphone system that allows professional monitoring with virtual 5.1 reproduction. Using a so-called ultrasonic-headtracker system, Headzone® constantly detects the position of the headphone-wearer’s head and adapts the audio playback position accordingly. Amazingly, it does this without head-turning affecting the localisation of the Headzone® sound! Advanced simulation software models the sound of a loudspeaker system (up to 5.1) for instant recall at any time, so users can effectively take their reference control room with them wherever they go.

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