The Black Box Analog Designs HG-2 was designed by Mixer and Producer Eric Racy and Film Maker and Engineer Robert Wainscott to try and provide the 'Holy Grail' of Mix-Bus processing. Not interested in creating clones of classic old equipment, they wanted to come up with something new and innovative, whilst still providing an analogue sound that would enhance their workflow and sonics. It took over 5 years of experimentation until they came up with the really unique sounding HG-2.


The HG-2 is a 3u valve-based design capable of increasing RMS level, smoothing out and taming peaks, adding Harmonics and adding Distortion through the use of the two valve gain stages. The first Pentode stage feeds the Triode stage and there is a parallel Saturation circuit which you choose to affect Low, High or Flat Frequencies. Black Box have also added an 'AIR' switch to provide extra 'sheen' and by using purely high quality parts (featuring Cinemag transformers on the inputs and outputs) the HG-2 has been designed for both Mix-Bus use and for Mastering Engineers. The HG-2 adds that extra weight and dimension to ITB mixes, providing flexible harmonic distortion and saturation, it's no wonder Dave Pensado uses one on every mix!

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