Studio Consoles... Are they dying out?

We certainly do not think so, there is a sound from running an analogue console that just cannot be achieved from mixing in the box! Well, that's our opinion! 

The thing is, the 'analogue' sound is highly sought after, it's often emulated but never duplicated. There is something about the saturation from driving an input channel hard on a recording console that leads to saturation that is just so pleasing to the ear, coupled with (usually) beautiful EQs at your fingertips and much more.

There are a plethora of consoles out there that are fully analogue to hybrid from the likes of; Rupert Neve Designs, AMS Neve, API and Solid State Logic to name just a few.

Please feel free to give us an email or a call to discuss options or even just to have a general char with us about them. We can also offer some great packages that include converters and outboard. This is done on a consultancy basis around your needs.