Cloud Microphone CL-2

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Need more channels?

The Cloudlifter CL-2 provides two channels of 

active ultra-clean gain.

Cloudlifters are an essential tool in any audio scenario.

 Recording into a DAW interface, performing live on stage, producing a podcast, using long cable runs in the studio, miking soft sound sources and using noisy or low gain preamps 

are just a few of its many uses.

Active Ultra-Clean Gain

Provides two channels of up to +25dB of ultra-clean gain and optimal impedance loading for  dynamic and ribbon 

mics to perform their best.

Plug & Play

Simply connect one or two dynamic or ribbon mics to the input and connect a mixer or preamp to the output. 

Great for two mono channels or a stereo configuration.

Premium Electronics

The Cloudlifter's patented discrete JFET circuitry preserves the source's natural sound while keeping the direct audio path clear of transformers, capacitors, and resistors.

Reduce Feedback

The Cloudlifter allows you to cut through the mix on stage with increased gain before feedback.

Phantom Powered

Turns Phantom Power into gain and clarity without passing it through to your delicate ribbon mic.