1. POWER: flip switch up to turn preamp on, flip switch down to turn preamp off
  2. 48V: engage to turn phantom power on, disengage to turn phantom power off
  3. GAIN: clockwise rotation yields an increase in output signal amplitude, counterclockwise rotation yields a decrease in output signal amplitude
  4. PHASE (Ø): engage to adjust input signal polarity by 180°, disengage to leave input signal polarity unchanged
  5. PAD: engage to reduce input signal amplitude by 10dBu, disengage to leave input signal amplitude unchanged


  1. XLR IN: balanced, mic-level XLR input
  2. TRS OUT: balanced, line-level TRS output
  3. GND: internal chassis ground
  4. AC IN: 24VAC input jack (only use a BLA-specified power supply)

Black Lion Audio AUTEUR MK2

£0.00 £429.00 inc. VAT
£357.50 exc. VAT

Auteur MKII Mic Pre

The Auteur has been a staple preamp in studios around the world for many years. It has become the go-to choice for bridging the gap between clean, transparent preamps and those with lots of color and bite. The Auteur MKII is the next step in perfecting this combination of vintage and modern sound at an affordable price!

The Auteur MKII is a two channel preamp that features high-speed input stages that capture lots of detail and nuance, and transformer-coupled output stages that impart a nice touch of vintage vibe. It also features phantom power, phase, and a 10dB pad. It’s housed in a 1U, ½ rack chassis, and can be linked together with a second ½ rack unit by using the included connector plate.

The Auteur MKII has a revamped gain stage that results in higher gain, lower noise, lower distortion, and a more extended frequency response than the original design. Use it on drums for rotund results. Throw it on vocals for a silky polish. Hear guitars soar like never before. No matter what you use it on, the Auteur MKII will do the job like a pro!

  • Dual Channel
  • Ultra High-Speed Input Stages
  • Edcor Output Transformers
  • 65dB Gain
  • Extended Frequency Response
  • Low Distortion & Noise
  • Phantom Power
  • Phase Switch
  • 10dBu Pad
  • XLR Microphone Input
  • TRS Line Output (balanced)
Max Microphone Input Level
Input Impedance
Gain (no pad)
+14dB to +65dB
Equivalent Input Noise (noise floor)
THD+N (@ +4dBu output)
.0033% @ +10dBu Gain .0054% @ +24dBu Gain .0112% @ +32dBu Gain .027% @ +40dBu Gain .078% @ +50dBu Gain .21% @ +62dBu Gain
Bandwidth (1kHz, 150Ω source, unweighted)
10Hz to 30kHz
Max Output Level
Output Impedance
Power Supply
24VAC, 500mA External Supply
Product Dimensions
9.5” x 6.5” x 1.75”
Product Weight
3.2 lbs
Shipping Dimensions
13” x 13” x 5”
Shipping Weight
6 lbs

Download the Auteur MKII Mic Pre Manual