Dramastic Audio Obsidian 500

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Obsidian 500

The World's First Stereo Bus Compressor for the API 500 Format

The Obsidian is a feed-forward VCA style stereo compressor featuring transformer balanced I/O, electronically balanced external side-chain input, internal high pass filter and precision stepped controls to accurately recall settings.

Through the use of several proprietary methods, the Obsidian performs a range of tasks unheard of from the average buss compressor. The Obsidian offers superior imaging. The stereo image always remains intact, the highs stay brilliant and clear, and the bottom continues to thunder [especially with the internal “High Pass Filter” engaged on the detection circuitry]. For even greater control, an “External Side-Chain” input is available and may be used in conjunction with the “High Pass Filter.”

Six ratio settings are available from a subtle 2:1, to a bone crushing . Six attack, and six release settings further complement the Obsidian making it extremely versatile on many different types of program material.

Employing the “Auto” release time gives the audio a smooth rich texture without any pumping and breathing. From there, if you have decided that the audio is a little too smooth for the application, a simple click of the release switch to the “Lo-Fi” setting will net all the “IN YOUR FACE” aggression one may desire. Try it on a drum submix!

Overall, the clarity, performance and musicality of the Obsidian is unparalleled.
The Obsidian is hand crafted in the USA using the finest quality precision components available.

TXIO EnhancedTM

TXIO is a transformer balanced input / output interface which gives the Obsidian it’s unique character.

The TXIO interface provides a “phat” classic analog sound allowing the Obsidian to add warmth, depth and character to digital audio workstations. Specifically designed for the Obsidian, the TXIO interface is a collaboration between Dramastic Audio and Jensen Transformers.

  • TXIO Enhanced Transformer Balanced I/O
  • Precision Stepped Controls To Accurately Recall Settings
  • VCA Feed-Forward Compression
  • Selectable Internal High Pass Filter
  • Expansion Port For Additional Features
  • Link Multiple Modules Together
  • Selectable Pad Settings
  • Superior Imaging
Ratio Settings2:1, 4:1, 8:1, 10:1, 12:1 and ∞
Attack Control Range0.1, 0.3, 1.0, 3.0, 10, and, 30 mSecs
Release Control Range0.1, 0.3, 0.6, 1.2 sec, AUTO and Lo-Fi
HPF Settings30Hz,60Hz, 105hz, 125Hz, 185Hz, 330Hz
Makeup Gain Output12db
Analog Input
XLR balanced (pin 2 hot)
10k ohms (transformer balanced)
Analog Output
XLR balanced (pin 2 hot)
600 ohms (transformer balanced)
Max Output
+24dbu (above 0dbu with 1% THD ) +23.7dbu (onset of clipping)
< -86dbu in bypass < -80dbu with compressor IN
.005% @ 1kHz
In Bypass: .054% With compressor IN and no compression: .069%
Freq. Response
10Hz to 50kHz @ 10Hz – 0.04db @ 20kHz – 0.36db
Measured referenced to +20dbu -109db @ 1kHz -73db @ 20kHz