'Not only does it have that classic vintage ribbon sound but it's a vintage TUBE ribbon sound. It's a bizarre cross section between a tube condenser and a ribbon. Perfect for my own jazz, acoustic sensibilities. It's gets that smooth, silky ribbon sound, which is already warm, with the added warmth of tube and gain with the condenser.'
'This thing sounds great on electric guitar! I used it on over driven guitar with a classic '65 Fender Deluxe Reverb and my old Strat. I placed the mic in a variety of places, but preferring it, in this case, about 2 inches in front of the grill. It turned out a big sweet sound. I had to boost the EQ about 3 db at 3.5K, which is pretty standard for me to get the sound I like with ribbons and this guitar. There was less proximity effect than with the R-14, but it was just a great sound. And then I used it on my Gibson ES-355 and a Seymore Duncan Convertible for some fantastic crunchy guitar. It's the best sound yet I've had with that combination, -- and I've been doing that guitar/amp combo for probably 20 years or more!'
'And if you want a great ribbon, with that classic vintage sound, but are concerned about gain with your pre, this is the ribbon for you!'

Henry Robinett, TapeOp

Peluso TR 14 Vacuum Tube Ribbon Microphone

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Peluso TR 14 Vacuum Tube Ribbon Microphone

When designing the R 14, TR 14 and SR 14 microphones we wanted to create a classic vintage-style ribbon microphone in the vein of the early RCA microphones. We used classic long ribbon geometry. Thin corrugated aluminum ribbon is tensioned between two rare earth neodymium magnets. As the ribbon moves with the ambient acoustic air pressure variation a current is induced in the ribbon itself. This current is the microphone's output signal. The ribbon is placed just forward of the magnet center. This provides a very slight low-end roll-off on the backside of the microphone, which can be very useful if proximity effect needs to be countered. To handle low-level sources and long cable runs transparently we added a tube gain stage in the Peluso TR 14 Tube Ribbon Microphone. The TR 14 delivers clean balanced output through the use of a custom output transformer. Sonically the TR 14 delivers added harmonic complexity from the tube to the rich, warm, and silky smooth sound and generous low end of a ribbon microphone. It is un-hyped, natural, and takes EQ very nicely. The TR 14 ribbon microphone is the perfect complement to the condensers in your microphone collection.

The microphone comes as a complete system including: TR 14 Microphone in a Wood Box, Shock Mount, Power Supply, and 7-Pin Cable all packed in a Flight Case.

Ribbon-Velocity Studio Microphone
Operating Principle
Electrodynamic Pressure Gradient
Rare Earth Neodymium
Frequency Range
Polar Pattern
Figure 8 (Bi-Directional)
> -35 dBV (re 1v/pa)
200 ohms
149 dB
Equivalent Noise
15 dB(A)
Tube Type
CK5784 / 6J1P sub-miniature glass tube
Power Requirements
Dedicated Power Supply, 115V or 230V AC
36mm x 210 mm